Patty (woodycakes) wrote in kstewicontest,

Thank You

Some of you may probably have seen this coming, but we just wanted to make an official announcement. Real life has been pretty pressing and we'll be closing kstewicontest for the time being. It was a hard decision for us but we wanted to give the community 100% of our efforts and seeing as we won't be able to do that, have decided, it's time to shut down.

We want to thank every single one of you who have supported us whether through beautiful icon entries, votes and comments and just sticking around. We are always impressed and overwhelmed by the outcome of challenges and we hope you all enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed moderating this community.

Who knows down the road, we may all cross paths again in one way or another. Thanks so much once again and let's still show our love for Kristen and her many projects this year with beautiful icons. We hope you all have a good 2012. Thanks again.

-- your mods, fare_lady and woodycakes
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I'm really sorry to hear this but I also understand your motives.

THANK YOU mods for giving us the opportunity to join this lovely challenge. It was so much fun, one of my favorite chalenges so thank you and ALL the people who joined.

I hope to "see" you again somewhere.. :)
I'm really sorry to hear about this, but I understand your troubles.
I really enjoyed this community, thanks a lot for all your efforts, and best luck for everything!
It was always the best KStew icontest community out there, thanks for all :) It was fun!
Your community is gorgeous! Hope you'll come back one day!
Take care of you!


January 7 2012, 12:34:56 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  January 7 2012, 12:37:06 UTC

so, it happened. oh, I have so many feelings for this. I understand that we didn't have other choice because of some circumstances referred before but I will miss this community so so much.

I want to thank participants and, um, well, EVERYONE who somehow was a part of kstewicontest and it was such a pleasure to be here and to share challenges with you <3 THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH, without you this community wouldn't be that good :') kstewicontest always will be more than just a stillness community for me.

and Patty, woodycakes, girl you're the best, I'm happy to fing a friend here and thank you so much for everything <3

oh I'm gonna cry

but again

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who cared for us <3

and, umm, here's my new tumblr -
follow me if you want!<3 ;)
I hate to see this go, but I understand. You guys have been great and I thank you all for the fun and challenges the past few years. :)
I'm really going to miss you guys!
I hope that this year will be a nice one for you!
Thanks for everything!