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a stills icontest for Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Icontest
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a stills icontest for Kristen Stewart

Welcome to KSTEWICONTEST, the largest and oldest icontest community for the talented young actress Kristen Stewart.

To enter the weekly challenges or vote on them, you must be a member of the community. Iconmakers of all skill levels are welcome to join -- whether you're starting out or have been at it for years, you're all welcome to give our challenges a hand. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here and a mod will do their best to answer you.

- Image challenge: only use the images provided unless stated otherwise.
- Theme challenge: free to use any image you like. Just make sure your icon adheres to the theme.
- Special challenge: non-icon challenges -- they may be banners or headers
- Go here if you have a suggestion for future challenges.

{1} You may submit up to THREE (3) icons
{2} Only use the images provided OR Use any photo as long as it follows the challenge's theme
{3} Icons must comply with LJ's standards (100x100 pixels and mus be less than 40 kb)
{4} Effects like blending, use of text and textures are allowed; however animations are prohibited
{5} Icons entered in the challenge cannot be posted anywhere else until the challenge results are posted
{6} Submit icons by replying to this entry in image form (IMG SRC) and in URL form

{1} Vote for your FOUR (4) favorite icons (in order of preference) and ONE (1) each for the special categories
{2} Do not vote for own entries or ask others to vote for your entries

New challenges get posted on a Friday with submissions allowed till the next Friday. On Friday or Saturday, the voting will be posted and will be opened to till Sunday. Sunday evening or Monday brings the results for the chalenge.

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